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30 Days Of Summertime Doctor Who Challenge Day 2

Favorite companion: It’s a tie between Rose and Donna. When I first started watching, I really loved Rose and I thought she was pretty and capable of so much. Her relationships with nine and ten were amazing..I ship Tenrose lol. Rose is a brilliant companion and I was sad when she left, and when she came back in later episodes I was so happy. I just love her so much!

As for Donna, at first, I thought she was kind of annoying, but then, I started to love her. She’s humorous, sassy, extraordinary, I could go on! What I love is that a woman who thought she was average could do so much. She blew me away! When she became a human/timelord and the doctor wiped her mind of all the amazing things she did with him, I was in tears. The extraordinary woman who had to forget will never be forgotten by me.

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  • Jun 22, 2014
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